czwartek, 6 marca 2008

“Ceramic Xmas - the holiday in 1000 degrees” – the 8th edition from the series “Different Faces of Ceramics”

The project is a great opportunity to not only see some of the best ceramic art work but also experience some real ceramic fun: modeling, firing and decorating your own ceramic pieces! If you dont want to get your hands dirty, you can get some incredible ceramic pieces for your Xmas gifts or find out about ceramic workshops and classes. You can also take part in an exciting auction of ceramic gifts from directly under the Xmas Tree, or view original works from the 3rd Warsaw Ceramics Fair which are going to be donated towards the Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy’s auction. The main exhibit – the 8th edition of the series - consists of ceramic art work by artists from the Polish Ceramics Association, the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, the Association of Polish Artists «Polish Design Art», the Culture Centre of Boleslawiec, the Ceramics and Sculpture Artists and Educators Association, Keramos Association, Angoba Ceramic Workshop, The Open Ceramic Group C 2, and has visited half of the country already, causing much interest, as the exhibit visitors can – sometimes for the first time in their life – play with clay.

The Polish Ceramics Association started off on… the Internet. Its founder (and today the President of the Association) gathered a group of international artists involved in ceramics and soon realized that the digital gatherings pointed to a need for congregating in reality. The first meeting of that sort called «Ceramics Thursday » took place in Warsaw in 2003 and the artists continue to meet at present. During one of the meetings the «Open Ceramics Group C2» was established. In 2005 its members organized the unique «First Warsaw Ceramics Fair» with over 60 exhibitors from Poland and abroad, which proved to be very successful. Soon after, the Polish Ceramics Association was officially established, and organized consecutively the 2nd (2006) and 3rd (2007) «Warsaw Ceramic Fairs» each having over 100 exhibitors which was a remarkable achievement, funded completely by volounteer work from the Association’s members. In 2007 alone, the Association organized 8 exhibits across Poland, also with the cooperation of international artists.